By completing an application you are agreeing that the lender may search their records for information about you and with credit reference & fraud prevention agencies who will record details of the search. If you borrow, details of how you conduct your account (including going into default) may be disclosed to the agencies.

Any information provided to the lender or others may be used for making credit decisions regarding you, members of your household or others to whom you are linked financially. Information may also be used for debt tracing, fraud prevention and the prevention of money laundering.

If you are making a joint application in the absence of the other party or if you state a financial association with another person, you are declaring that you are entitled to disclose information about him or her and to authorise the lender to search, link and record information about you and anyone referred to by you, with credit reference agencies.

This application may be assessed with reference to records of other people with whom you are linked financially, unless those links have been severed.

You have a right to be told which credit reference agencies the lender has used and a right to obtain a copy of your credit file.


We are committed to ensuring that any complaints are treated in a clear, effective and transparent manner. All complaints will be dealt with fairly, reasonably and promptly, in accordance with the Financial Ombudsman Service guidance.

If you have a complaint, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention by contacting us. You can call 01482 222399, text 07804 391 358, or email , and we will endeavour to resolve all complaints brought to our attention within 3 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I repay?
A: Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to suit you.
Q: Can I pay back through my bank?
A: Yes, you just choose a date that is convenient for you.
Q: How will I get the money if my loan is accepted?
A: Once the loan has been approved we will contact you to arrange signing of the paperwork and you can specify receiving the loan as cash or transferred directly into your bank account.
Q: What happens once I have applied?
A: You will usually be contacted by text or email (we will ask your preference) advising a decision in principle. Once you have received an approval in principle we will contact you the same day to arrange signing of paperwork and issue of the loan.
Q: How long before I get a decision?
A: Normally within 48 hours during the working week.
Q: What if I change my mind after applying?
A: Just contact us and we'll cancel the application - there are no charges.
Q: Will my application details be passed on to other credit grantors?
A: No! All application details are confidential and remain with us. We do not sell or pass on any of your information.
Q: Will I have to pay broker fees, or admin/setup charges?
A: No, we're not a broker so there’s no middle-man, and we don't charge you for setting an account up.

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